High Performance Cycling Analytics

Take your power meter training to a new level

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Cycling metrics you can act on

WattsBoard gives you quick and easy access to ride data in an easy to use web-based dashboard.

Training Stress

Keep track of how taxing your rides are with a detailed log of training stress based on Power or Heart Rate

Intensity Factor

Evaluate a ride based on power data, not based on feeling

Peak Power Levels

Access your peak power levels at any time interval from any device

Max Power Curve

Track your max power output over time with direct power curve comparisons

Time Spent in Power Zones

Verify that your intervals are getting you enough time in specific zones


Connect your account with Zapier for real-time updates across the web


Performance Tracking

Plan your training schedule and workouts with precision. The Fitness and Stress chart allows you to track stress, fitness and freshness levels.


Power Profiling

Monitor your power profile and find areas for improvement.


Detailed FTP, Weight and Power History

Track your FTP and Weight changes. Changes to FTP and Weight are constantly evolving and WattsBoard takes this into account. Any changes made to your metrics are updated in real-time.


Time Based Filtering

Filter your power metrics by date, for a detailed view of how your profile has changed over time.


Email reports and notifications

We can send you power records as soon as you set them. We'll also send you a weekly summary of your training along with a recap of records that have been recently set.

Power Data that's easy to manage from anywhere

All data at your fingertips

WattsBoard gives you visibility into power spikes and erroneous data. You'll also have a direct view into your power history timeline - a customized report displaying each and every momentous occasion in your training.

See How You Compare

How it works

With just a few clicks, you can be up and running with WattsBoard


Armed with a bike and power meter, sign up for an account. We won't spam you.


Let us know a little about you. What's your estimated FTP and weight? We'll do the rest.


Automatically import your ride data from other services or manually import your TCX/FIT ride files.


Slice and dice your data. Use this knowledge to build an improved training plan and start to dominate.

Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing isn't complicated. Use WattsBoard for free and analyze six rolling months of data. Upgrade to Pro for unlimited analysis, data storage and advanced features.

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Per Month

6 months of ride data

Performance Tracking

Power Profile

Shareable WattsBoard

Power Record Notifications

Automatic ride imports

No credit card required

30 Days of Pro Features

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Per Month or $40/year

Unlimited data imports

Performance Tracking

Power Profile

Shareable WattsBoard

Power Record Notifications

Automatic ride imports

Detailed power history timeline

Data editing capabilities

Custom stress algorithms


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WattsBoard cost?

Nothing! WattsBoard will always have a free tier to help you plan and monitor your peformance through a season. Power meter analytics doesn't have to be expensive and complicated.

Can I use WattsBoard without a power meter?

While we do calculate Heart Rate Stress, the majority of our charts and analyses have an emphasis on data from a power meter. You do have the option of manually inputting Stress and Intensity to manage your performance levels, though.